Condensed Matter Physics, Second Edition

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This report summarizes an architecture-led safety analysis of the aircraft-survivability situation-awareness system for the Joint Multi-Role vertical lift program. This Research Review presentation explores the author's research into ways to improve critical system assurance.

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View More Publications. The SEI has performed innovative research in systems verification and validation for almost 30 years that has benefited government, industry, and academia. Learn more about a few of the highlights. SEI researchers created a new programming language to verify distributed, adaptive real-time DART systems, which are essential to DoD capability but notoriously difficult to verify. This research led to development of standards in , which were chosen for an aerospace initiative in and used to detect potential integration issues in the Joint Multi-Role helicopter program in Our work on the use of assurance cases in the development of medical devices led the FDA to issue draft guidance to manufacturers recommending the use of assurance cases and providing guidance for their use.

From its focus on research in architectural modeling and analysis for safety- and mission-critical systems, the SEI became the technical lead for the SAE Architecture Analysis and Design Language standard. The SEI's Simplex Architecture supports overall safety when a system is composed of components that vary in reliability and saftey. To address the need to predict problems before a system has been built, the SEI pioneered the use of scenario-based methods to evaluate software architectures for modifiability and other qualities.

Underlying today's efforts to reuse software is a s technology called feature-oriented domain analysis. Developed by the SEI, it demonstrated that managing variation is essential to software reuse.

Formal Methods

The SEI contributed to a greater understanding of how architectural decisions affect the ease of modifying a user interface, introducing an important concept to the discipline of software architecture in the s. Software Engineering Institute. Featured Work. Verifying and Validating Mission-Critical Systems Using Quantum Computing The SEI is working to study how quantum computing can serve as the next paradigm for optimization in fields like software verification and validation.

Runtime Assurance for Big Data Systems To help assure runtime performance in big data systems, we designed a reference architecture to automatically generate and insert monitors and aggregate metric streams.

Research – VeriDis: Verification of Distributed Systems

DevOps: Build Faster and Better Applications CERT researchers help your organization understand and establish robust DevOps capabilities to develop, test, and deploy software faster, with high quality, and with less risk. Supporting the U. Army's Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator Effort We build and analyze virtual software systems to find problems early in development, before a system is built. Improving Verification with Parallel Software Model Checking Current methods for software model checking can take too much time.

Approaches based on automatically extracting models from source code will also be discussed, as well as the challenges in soundness and precision of software model checkers for C and Java. Novel applications of using temporal specifications during runtime will also be covered.

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The course consists of a combination of lectures, seminars, and workshops. The lectures will be used for covering the core material of the course.

Software Verification and Validation

Seminars permit participants to present and discuss recent research papers on topics in model checking and software verification. The seminars will also be used for presentations by visiting researchers in the field. The workshops will be used for experimentation and assessment of tools and technologies supporting model checking and software verification. The course includes a number of small assignments concentrating on the application of model checking tools on small and medium sized software systems.

A larger project is conducted that focuses on either theoretical developments, design and implementation of model checking algorithms, or a case study applying software model checking tools on a larger example of a concurrent software system. The results from the project must be documented in a research paper.

Each of the two components must result in a pass grade in order to obtain a pass grade for the entire course.

Systems and Software Verification: Model-Checking Techniques and Tools

Each participant must give one research seminar and a presentation of the larger project. The small assignments must have been approved in order to take the exam.

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Contents and structure A vast majority of software systems can be characterized as concurrent and distributed software systems in that their operation inherently relies on communication, synchronization, and resource sharing between concurrently executing software components and applications. Learning Outcome Upon completion of the course the candidate should be able to: Knowledge explain the syntax and semantics of constructs underlying modelling languages for concurrent systems.