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This means that you can still use the BEx Browser on the Web even if you do not have a frontend installed. You can also call other intranet and Internet pages. You can look for objects in the Browser.

SAP BW Security in SAP-Security

You need to release the function module for Web-based reporting in order to use the BEx Browser on the Web. You have to release the appropriate function modules. In BW 3.

If you only want to use the new function, you do not need to make these settings. The new function offers the same options as the old version. In contrast to the BEx Browser on the frontend, URLs that are not assigned to a folder are still shown in the tree structure.

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Task 2 In the same query swap vendor with material and keep filter value on one of the key figures. Task 4 Now you want to know to know actual delivery time to Frankfurt plant. Check your shortcuts to make sure they all work. Task 2 Please, create a Folder in the navigation menu Web Queries. Create a path to a query of your choice and place it into Web Queries folder. When you are done, check that your shortcut is working. You obtain an overview of the delivered objects and the Business Content information models. In the metadata repository, you can display the definition of all active objects that are delivered in Business Content, as well as links to other objects.

You can activate a query in Business Content and then go on to execute it in the Query Designer. You use the metadata repository as an information source that allows you to obtain an overview of delivered objects. You can display additional information there. You then activate the objects selected in Business Content.

Business Content contains all objects that enable you to structure your reporting quickly, from data extraction from SAP source systems, to roles that supply employees in a company with information they need to complete their work.

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Afterwards, all relevant data from the SAP source systems can be loaded into the BW system and analyzed immediately with Business Content queries. A role corresponds to a specific function in a company, for example, purchasing manager. A role is linked to particular tasks, areas of responsibility, and the information requirements that result from them.

There are roles for the different areas within your company. Targeted reports and applications are available for these roles, according to what employees assigned to the various roles need to do their job. Industries In the case of many industries, for example, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, and so on, roles and the objects that belong to them in Business Content are delivered to meet the needs of the individual areas. Crystal Reports are formatted reports whose layout is based on forms prescribed by law or are pixel-oriented.

This orientation makes the pixel-precise arrangement of report elements possible. Crystal Reports also offer enhanced printing functions.

SAP BW Security in SAP-Security

You can use the Crystal Enterprise server component to publish these reports on the Web and make their applications available. If you want to create your own formatted reports in addition to the reports delivered by SAP as Business Content, you need the Crystal Reports Designer. These business packages deliver targeted access to information for a process.

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They enable the analysis of this process, as well as the actions and reactions to it in the systems that deliver the data. The functions are independent of the operative, transactional systems. However, the analytical application can read the data from the operative systems and write back to them. Each business package consists of an overview page, the cockpit, and additional target-oriented user interfaces known as worksets. The data is stored as flat files during installation on the BW server.

It contains definitions of all active objects delivered in Business Content, as well as their links to other objects. The metadata repository is particularly suited to comparing your reporting requirements with objects and information available in Business Content, and to identifying objects that fully or partially meet your requirements.

You can search for the object on which you want more information using the search function. Enter a search term to do this. You can display the active objects in the system, arranged according to object type. If you click on an object type, for example Query, all the active objects of that type that are available in the system are listed.

You can display all objects in the system that are delivered with Business Content, arranged according to object type. You can use the bar on the left indicated by A in the graphic to choose how objects delivered in Business Content are to be listed in the middle section of the screen B.

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The objects that you transfer are then listed in the right hand window C. You can subdivide the objects into InfoProviders by InfoArea , for example. You can also sort by role or object type. The drilldown by object type option is especially useful to compare an analysis demand with Business Content content. The query definitions delivered by SAP can be found in the middle section of the screen in the BW menu by object types, with a sub-entry of query elements.

Clicking on Select Objects brings you immediately to a selection menu with all the queries in Business Content.

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They are listed under the corresponding InfoAreas and InfoProviders. An integrated search function makes it easier to find queries from specific areas. The system then gathers together all the objects related to the query.

This takes place as a background job. You can also copy several queries at the same time by choosing the control key when you select the definitions. Transferring Content Objects After objects have been gathered, the selected query displays in the right-hand window C. If a green circle appears in the Active version available column next to the selected object, the object is already actively available in the system.

If the object is only available in the system as the delivered version, the icon does not appear and the object can be transferred from Business Content in the active version. If an active version of the transferred object is already available in the system, a check mark appears in the Comparison column after the object has been gathered. Grouping Under Grouping, you can determine what is to be gathered. This is the minimal variant of Business Content transfer. This is the maximal variant of Business Content transfer.

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This is the default setting. The simulation serves as orientation help before activation. The result of the activation is shown by a green or red icon beneath the Simulation result header. This setting is useful if you want to activate a large number of objects. This indicator is set by default. If this is the case, your version is matched to the new SAP delivery version and enhanced.