Condensed Matter Physics, Second Edition

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Monster Planet: A Zombie Novel

Though she has become a zombie, she maintains her intelligence and can resist the incessant urge to feed on life - preferably human life. After escaping from her first encounter with Clark, she is called by another force to head east toward New York, but getting there proves difficult. Along her journey, she comes to learn more about herself, the cause of the zombie epidemic, and how she alone can make it end.

As the United States slowly falls, Clark struggles with decreasing resources and increasing enemies who at times are organizing under some overpowering figure. But as Clark gets closer to Nilla, both will find some of the answers they are searching for. Positioned as transitions throughout the book, Wellington adds small notes such as news reports, blog entries, posted signs, emergency warnings, emails, brief instant messenger discussions and the like to enhance the reality of his story.

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These interludes also help contextualize the passage of time from one section to the next. Nor does this book have the cohesiveness that Monster Island maintains.

Meanwhile a medical student decides to join the undead rather than be eaten — but he first takes steps to preserve his brain while he dies. Being intelligent and dead has its advantages, as he is about to discover. And a delightfully interesting group of Somalian child soldiers have arrived in New York to keep him company. Monster Nation is the prequel to Monster Island , and explains how the undead epidemic began.


Monster Nation tracks the story of Nilla, a Californian yoga instructor who takes refuge in an oxygen bar after she is bitten by a madman. With has no memory of who she was, and the police after her, Nilla hitches a ride across America with a teenage couple to find the one person who seems to know everything about her: someone who claims to be an ancient Celtic druid, an old friend from Monster Island.

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Read the original Monster Nation blog novel for free. Monster Planet closes the trilogy twelve years later, and picks up the story of Sarah, the daughter of the UN weapons inspector who first joined forces with the Somalian girl-warriors to obtain the precious antiretrovirals. Without her father, Sarah was raised as a warrior in Somalia and Egypt. When her mentor is kidnapped by a group of zombies with strange superpowers, Sarah must track her down, with the help of the ancient Egyptian mummy, Ptolemy.

Read the original Monster Planet blog novel for free.

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