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Ask us here. Ask a Question What would you like to know about this product? Dimensions: 8. Melinda Ribner, author of Kabbalah Month by Month. The most comprehensive compilation of stories and teachings about this amazing Jewish avatar.

While Buxbaum throws in dashes of a traditional devotional style that may be unfamiliar to some readers, they will soon adapt; I love what he's done. What is a "holy woman," or a holy man for that matter?

Maggid Yitzhak Buxbaum tells a story of the Vishnitzer Rebbe

According to the Jewish mystics, a holy person is someone who has not lost the holiness that every baby is born with. Stories about Jewish holy women have rarely been collected in such an engaging and entertaining form. The tales display a specifically female Jewish spirituality, giving us a peek into a world of devotional beauty that focuses on kindness.

Jewish Tales of Mystic Joy

These stories of laughter and tears, humility and bravery, striving and trance, have an appeal spanning the denominational spectrum: they are spiritual nourishment for the soul. The rabbis say there are both male and female angels and angels are on earth as well as in heaven.

These tales enhance our appreciation of the female angels on earth.

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Other than Chumash and its commentaries, no other book I have ever read has inspired me more. I love, love, love this collection. What a service you have rendered Jewish women, to provide us with so many holy role models. Kol hakavod to you! I couldn't stop reading it. Dinner was late onto the table and the dishes didn't get done until I'd finished the whole book.

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Thank you! I've been recommending it to my customers based on other things I've read of yours.

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Now, I'll really push it. Thanks for a beautiful and inspirational book! Jewish Tales of Mystic Joy reveals the happiness that awaits us if we strive for real spirituality.

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The stories are about pious rabbis and humble tailors, about dancing, singing, laughing, and crying, but their common denominator is always joyous ecstasy. Drawing us into a world of devotion, the tales allow us to taste the bliss that comes from a life lived from the very center of one's self. Each story comes alive in joy and produces a "holy shiver" that speaks to the soul. One story is simply better then another. Just reading about the ecstatic states of the story subjects lifts me up and brings me to joy! It is the nectar of Judaism!

The kabbalists sought, by their eating of fruit at the seder, to make a mystical tikkun fixing to repair the sin of Adam and Eve in eating fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Whereas most Jewish holidays are biblical in origin, and while Chanukah and Purim were instituted by the ancient rabbis, Tu BeShvat is the only holiday ordained by the kabbalists.

Many facets of Hillel's teaching and activity have been neglected and virtually "lost. Hillel is more of a "love-type.

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  5. An example of a Hillel story that most people don't know: The Talmud tells a tale about Hillel buying a horse, as charity, for a rich man who became poor, and also daily hiring for him a servant to run before the horse. Hillel realized that this once-rich man needed these things so his self-esteem would not crumble. One day, however, Hillel couldn't find a servant to hire, so he himself ran before the man's horse for three miles!

    This story is perhaps the most radical act of humble loving service by any rabbi ancient or modern; it reminds one of the fiery Elijah or of the Baal Shem Tov. Category : Themes. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history.

    Jewish Tales of Mystic Joy

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