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He seemed to me to be a fundamentally unlikable person, but his personality also seemed to be understandable from his extreme focus on his goals. It was as though he had sacrificed an understanding of social behavior for an extreme talent with tactics. This is notable because the main character, Donal Graeme, seemed nearly identical in personality and ability to the character in Tactics of Mistake Cletus Grahame.

Because of the order in which they were written, it would be more accurate to say that Cletus was written to be nearly identical to Donal.

Childe Cycle

Regardless, I was a bit disappointed by this one, as it felt so very similar to the previous novella, although I did appreciate reading more about the universe and understanding it as a coherent whole. The last in the collection, Soldier, Ask Not, gave me the most mixed reactions. I enjoyed the change in perspective of a new character, with new goals.

And I still enjoyed the universe. But I still found the main character to be somewhat unlikable. And I felt that the general conflict between the old "integrated" people of Earth and the specialized people of the splinter cultures could have been a little more interesting. Overall, I felt the collection was worth 4 stars because I enjoyed the universe, and seeing how various characters fit together in that universe.

Dorsai 11 - Jaques Chretien

But I wish I had more empathy for the main characters of some of the novellas, and perhaps that might have come with more human flaws. Jun 18, Susan Mclaughlin rated it it was amazing. Another of my favorite collections. Humanity has fractured into societies developed around intellectuals, religious sects, and the Dorsai, the mercenaries who find it difficult to remain the neutral hired hands. Much happens. They should be easily found at the library as individual books. Maurynne Maxwell rated it really liked it May 19, Gary Burke rated it really liked it Aug 01, Mikec rated it it was amazing Sep 06, Judy rated it really liked it Nov 18, Char Bourne kizior rated it it was amazing Jan 15, David rated it liked it Apr 27, Terry rated it liked it Jan 06, Michael Morrisey rated it really liked it Nov 18, Dave Wells rated it it was amazing Oct 03, Stevelvis rated it really liked it Nov 17, Andrew Alldredge rated it it was amazing May 18, Teapirate rated it really liked it Jan 08, James V rated it liked it Feb 19, Martin Glassborow rated it really liked it Aug 25, David Crockett rated it it was amazing Nov 23, Janej rated it it was ok May 05, Don rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Nate Frary rated it liked it May 26, Shirley A.

Coale rated it it was amazing Jan 03, Julie rated it liked it Aug 11, Marie Sophia rated it really liked it Nov 05, J rated it really liked it Nov 11, Pat Patterson rated it really liked it Apr 17, Haley rated it really liked it Dec 07, Eric Larsen rated it really liked it Sep 09, R Michael Hayes rated it it was ok May 04, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Science Fiction. About Gordon R.

Gordon R. Gordon Rupert Dickson was an American science fiction author. He was born in Canada, then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota as a teenager.

The Main Cycle

He is probably most famous for his Childe Cycle and the Dragon Knight series. He won three Hugo awards and one Nebula award. Books by Gordon R. See details. See all 4 pre-owned listings. Buy It Now.

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Add to cart. Dickson , Paperback, Reprint. About this product Product Information Two cornerstone novels of the acclaimed "Childe Cycle" return to print in an omnibus editionwith an introduction by David Drake.

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Throughout humanity's Fourteen Worlds, no group is as feared and respected as the Dorsai. The ultimate warriors, they are known for their deadly rages, and ferocious independence No one man rules the Dorsai, but their mastery of the arts of war has made them the most valuable mercenaries in the human universe. Once he ventures to the stars, the world of the Dorsai will be changed forever. And The Spirit of Dorsai, written two decades later, is Dickson's great novel of the women of the Dorsai.

For the warrior spirit of the Dorsai does not, cannot reside solely in the men of that racefor when the mercenary Dorsai go to their wars, it is their women who defend their home planet from the predators of the universe. And defend it they do: their home planet has never fallen to an invader, though space is full of the corpses of those who have tried. Through three generations, the unconquerable Amanda Morgan has embodied this warrior spirit.

Gordon R. Dickson Dorsai (Childe Cycle)

She is more than one lone woman; she is In this single volume is a pair of military SF classics every fan will want to own. Additional Product Features Introduction by. Show More Show Less. Pre-owned Pre-owned.

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