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Hollingsworth ,Distinguished Teaching Professor, Chromosome behavior in yeast meiosis. Ed Luk , Associate Professor, Chromosome biology and genome regulation. Benjamin Martin , Associate Professor, Stem cell maintenance and differentiation, Developmental mechanisms of cancer pathogenesis. David Q.

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Aaron Neiman , Professor and Chair, The cell biology of sporulation in yeast. Dada Pisconti , Associate Professor, Muscle stem cells; muscle development, regeneration and aging; muscular dystrophy; extracellular matrix; biology of proteoglycans. Keith Sheppard , Director of Science Education, Associate Professor, Three areas of science education - all with the fundamental aim of improving the teaching and learning of science at every level of education.

Sanford Simon , Professor, Extracellular degradation by neutrophil proteases. Steven O. Smith , Professor, Structure and function of membrane proteins. Gerald Thomsen , Professor, Mechanisms of cell fate determination and embryonic development.

Editors for Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

Single molecule spectroscopy. Coordination of signal transduction by scaffold proteins. Yusuf A. Bioactive lipids in cancer pathogenesis and therapeutics. Hannun stonybrookmedicine. Bernard S. Redox Regulation of Phototaxis.

Kenneth B. Qun Liu , Adjunct Professor. Regulation of lipid metabolism and stherosclerosis by microRNAs and circadian rhythms. Changcheng Xu , Research Assistant Professor. Nurit Ballas , Research Professor,The cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the autism spectrum disorder Rett syndrome. Daniel Moloney , Research Assistant Professor. Zuzana Zachar , Research Assistant Professor.

Bingham, Paul , Associate Professor. Citovsky, Vitaly , Distinguished Professor, Intercellular transport, genetic transformation, and chromatin remodeling in plants. Dean, Neta , Professor, Protein glycosylation. His work is on molecular mechanisms of ion channels and calcium signaling proteins, with an emphasis on understanding gated conformational changes and allosteric mechanisms.

Work in the laboratory is multidisciplinary including electrophysiology, biochemistry, spectroscopy, informatics and computation.

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Boudker's lab uses crystallography and cryo-EM to define the high-resolution structures of key functional states of transporters; single molecule FRET TIRF microscopy and NMR to probe their dynamics; biochemical approaches and isothermal titration calorimetry to probe their function and energetics; and bioinformatics to follow their evolution.

Before this, he was on the faculty at The Rockefeller University, New York, where he began his career in , leaving for Berkeley in His laboratory uses x-ray crystallography to determine the three-dimensional structures of proteins involved in signaling and replication, as well as biochemical, biophysical, and computational analyses to elucidate mechanisms.

He obtained postdoctoral training with Roderick MacKinnon at Harvard Medical School, where he began isolating and studying toxins that interact with voltage-activated potassium channels. His laboratory uses biochemical, molecular biological, biophysical and structural techniques to understand how ion channel proteins sense critical biological stimuli, including membrane voltage, temperature, and both chemical and mechanical signals. Cole Award from the Biophysical Society in He has also served as the president of the Society of General Physiologists.

Her earlier worked focused on the structural basis for combinatorial regulation of gene expression and the molecular mechanisms of the sirtuin family of protein deacetylases.

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These programs include courses in energy transduction, structural dynamics, mechanisms of electron and proton transfer in biological systems, bioinformatics, automated analysis, and specialized research techniques. This instructional program class comprises any program that focuses on the scientific study of submolecular and molecular components and assemblies of living systems and how they are organized into functional units such as cells and anatomic tissues.

These programs include courses in glycoprotein, carbohydrate, protein, and nucleic acid structures and chemistry; cytoskeletal structure; nuclear and intracellular structures; molecular recognition; molecular chaperones; transcription and folding; multicellular organization; microtubules and microfilaments; cell differentiation; immunophysics; and DNA sequencing. This instructional program class comprises any program that focuses on the scientific study of the effects of light energy on living organisms, the manufacture and processing of luminescence by organisms, and the uses of light in biological research.

These programs include courses in bioluminescence, chronobiology, photomedicine, environmental photobiology, organic photochemistry, photomorphogenesis, photoreceptors and photosensitization, molecular mechanics of photosynthesis, phototechnology, vision, ultraviolet radiation, radiation physics, and spectral research methods. This instructional program class comprises any program that focuses on the effects of radiation on organisms and biological systems.

These programs include courses in particle physics, ionization, and biophysics of radiation perturbations, cellular and organismic repair systems, genetic and pathological effects of radiation, and the measurement of radiation dosages. This instructional program class comprises any integrated, combined program that focuses on the structure, function, and dynamic behaviour of the components of biological systems at the submolecular, molecular, and supramolecular levels and their influence on biological activity at the cellular, tissue, organ, and organismic levels.

These programs include courses in biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, molecular biology, and research applications and methods appropriate to specific topics. Recent graduates from this group of educational programs were asked the following questions, two years after graduation. See how they answered in the table below. Post-secondary studies call for smart planning. Tuition, supplies, fees and living expenses can take a considerable amount of money.

While some educational programs lead to a specific career, having a post-secondary education opens many doors. Job Bank Home Menu. City or Postal Code. Level of Education: Program usually offered at college, undergraduate and graduate levels.

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Program Details View More Graduates survey of class of Questions Graduates from this program said Yes Graduates from all programs said Yes Would you make the same educational choice again? Post-Secondary Programs There is currently no institution in our database which offers this program in the selected location. You may also expand your search by exploring the following cities: List of cities offering similar programs Burnaby, British Columbia. Calgary, Alberta. Castlegar, British Columbia.

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Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Edmonton, Alberta. Elk Point, Alberta. Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Biophysics, Biochemistry, and Cell Biology

Guelph, Ontario. Halifax, Nova Scotia. Hamilton, Ontario. Kamloops, British Columbia. Kelowna, British Columbia.